Springtime in Menorca

Wednesday May 22nd.  Menorca

The flight to Menorca from Mallorca takes just 35 minutes so we were no sooner in the air than coming down again. Menorca is a much smaller island popular with the English since it was invaded in 1798 and used as a vital Mediterranean fleet base during the wars with Napoleon.  The harbour here at Port Mahon the capital is very well protected and there are quite a few boats moored here.

P1010286The one we came to see was a Beneteau 50, very similar to Ceilidh which Julie helped sail to the Whitsundays last year.  Sadly the boat was not in the same condition, having been owned by three men, used hard for a couple of years, including one Atlantic crossing, and then virtually abandoned for over a year.  It did not speak to us.

We did see a boat we quite liked, a Jeanneau 50 DS, but it was unavailable.  It seems to be the case so far that the boats that are for sale around here are not to our taste and the ones we like are already sold.

The brokers are still working hard and we are off to Barcelona tomorrow (Thursday).  P1010289

There is little temptation to stay in Menorca as the weather is cold and windy and occasionally wet, despite this photograph taken on our first day here when the sun did shine briefly.

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