The Quest Continues in Mallorca

Friday May 17th. 2013

P1010191Do you want to buy a Superyacht in Mallorca?  There are lots for sale here for millions of dollars.  However a modest family cruiser is a good deal harder to find.  We now have three local brokers working round the clock attempting to find our dreamboat but it is not proving easy.  The boats we have seen here have been far from outstanding.

On Day 2, Wednesday we reviewed a boat that had most of our requirements but was far too large and in the afternoon were driven some twenty miles down the coast to see a Beneteau 50 which had crossed the Atlantic four times and looked it.  Not exactly tired, just worn out.

P1010187Today we saw a Hanse 445, currently in charter and ideal for that but hardly our desirable home from home. Soulless would be the correct adjective.

So the search continues and may extend to Menorca, only a ferry ride from here, Barcelona, Port Napoleon in France and even Athens where some Dutch people may be happy to sell their boat to us.

It is rather like buying a house, you have to see a lot of dogs before you find the one you like and then you find you can’t afford it.

Believe it or not we found the local opera house putting on La Verbena de la Paloma, a typical Spanish opera called a Zarzuela. A sort of Spanish Gilbert and Sullivan with castanets. The music was jaunty but there were long periods of spoken dialogue which, perhaps because we don’t speak a word of Spanish, we did not find as amusing as the locals.

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