The Survey

June 23rd, 2013


Exotica on the dock at Palma

Of course nothing is ever quite as straightforward as one would like.  It took two days to complete the survey since it required the simultaneous presence of the owner’s representative, the lugubrious Frank, the surveyor, Ian, ourselves and a convenient time for the boatyard to lift the boat out of the water on the crane for inspection of the hull.  Normally this organisation is all done by the broker, but sadly he is in England and the rest of us are in the Balearics.  We thought the surveyor was going to organise the lift and he thought we were, so there was significant miscommunication.

On the lift.

On the lift at Audax Boatyard

Frank is obviously unhappy that the boat is being sold and was less than helpful but nonetheless the survey was completed including a short equipment sea trial outside Palma Harbour which gave us a brief view of the sails and assurance that the motor was in good order. Frank’s reluctance to hoist full sails in a 20 knot breeze and comment that “we do not go out in these conditions”, gave us some cause for alarm.

                                                 At sea with Frank

and At sea with Frank

The written report which ran to 21 pages was very positive and revealed very few deficits, none of which are major.


The deck seen from the bow.

Nonetheless we do not propose to complete the deal until we have had a performance sea trial with the owner and broker so that some of the more recherché elements of the equipment, such as the water-maker and the plumbing of the generator have been explained.  All being well this should be on July 8th. when we return yet again to Mallorca.

We returned to a wet and windy England on Friday, for a long planned feast of opera. Seven operas including a Ring Cycle in the next two weeks.

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